Inventory of Jonathan Thomas

Franklin County
Term A.D. 1855
Pages 424-25

And afterwards to wit: on the 8th day of November A.D. 1852, said administrator [Gilbert C. VanCamp] filed an oath and inventory. To wit: You and each of you solemnly swear that you will truly & honestly and impartially appraise the estate property and effects which shall be exhibited to you according to the best of your judgment and ability so help you God. J. J. Kennedy, J. C. Banes. Subscribed and sworn before me this 14th day of August 1852, John Horsley, J.P.
Schedule of Goods & Chattels & effects belonging to the estate of Jonathan Thomas Dec'd late of Franklin County Indiana as appraised by the subscribers, August 13, 1852.

1 buggy and harness 50.00
7 pig 1.50
1 ten plate stove 8.00
furniture in East room 37.00
9 chairs 3.50
furniture in West room 50.00
1pr tailor sad irons 1.00
furniture in the Kitchen 13.50
furniture in the cellar 5.00
shop furnace & candlestick 1.15
lot goods in Smoke House 2.00
curry comb & trunk lock .40
1 new saddle 15.00
1 new halter 1.00
1 horse 60.00
1 cow 8.00
1 remnant Casmire 2.00
1 shop bench 1.00
cash 16.60
note on G. C. VanCamp good 50.00
A.B. Martindale good 50.00
note on John Auld doubtful 50.00
? John Davis good 4.00
account on Henry Thomas good 1.50
account on Patrick Shears doubtful .20
account on John VanBergen .20
total $424.15

J.J. Kennedy, J. G. Banes.

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