Inventory of John Seely

Franklin County
December Term A.D. 1850
Pages 561-562

State of Indiana, Franklin County, to wit: before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in and for said County, personally came William B. Larue and Thomas Price, two respectable freeholders of the neighborhood who have ben duly sworn that they will truly honestly and impartially appraise the estate property and effects of the estate of John Seely, late of Franklin County, State of Indiana deceased, which shall be exhibited to them by the administrator of said estate according to the best of their judgment and ability. Wm. B. Larue, Thomas (his x mark) Price. Sworn and Subscribed before me this [page 562] 4th day of August 1849. Daniel Wilson Justice of Peace.

1 bay mare 25.00
1 black mare 25.00
1 two horse waggon 20.00
1 pair of gears for waggon 3.00
1 bay horse colt 15.00x
1 sorrell horse colt 20.00x
2 small red cows 14.00
1 spotted cow 10.00x
1 lot of stock hogs 8 in number 22.00x
3 sows & 10 small pigs 9.00x
62 bushels clean wheat 59.80x
1 lot of wheat in sheaf 4.00x
1 wheat fan 12.00
1 lot of timothy hay 13.00x
3 acres of corn on the ground 17.50
2 acres of corn on the ground 10.50x
4 acres of corn on the ground 10.12x
1 lot of potatoes & pumpkins on the ground 1.50x
1 lot of oats in the shocks 5.50x
1 peacock plough 2.00
1 grain cradle & scythe 2.00
1 grass sycthe and stick 1.00
1 cooking stove & utensils 10.00x
2 dinner tables 3.50
3 beds, bedding & bed steads 21.00x
1 bureau 4.00x
1 mantle clock 2.00x
4 chairs 1.00x
1 grindstone .50
1 clothe clost 1.50
1 lot of buck wheat 1.50x
Cyrus Kilgore note of hand to the amount of $22.22 due the 25th day of September 1850 22.22
account against J. Casner to the amount of 2.50
Henry Seeley note of hand to the amount of $20 due the 16th day of May 1850 20.00
Sarah Ann Seely note of hand to the amount of $5, due the 16th day of May 1850 5.00

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