Inventory of John Okane

Franklin County
July Term A.D. 1855
Pages 303-305

We, Joseph Price and Martin Williams swear, that we will honestly appraise the personal estate of John Okane, deceased which may be exhibited to us, So help us God. Joseph Price, Martin Williams, appraisers. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of March A.D. 1854. David Slaughter, Justice of the Peace.
An inventory and appraisement of the personal property of John Okane, deceased, late of the County of Franklin, State of Indiana. Taken this March 14th day A.D. 1854.

1 old cupboard in kitchen .50x
2 old chairs .50
1 old kettle .37x
1 large pair of steelyards 1.30
1 looking glass .31x
1 lot of crockery ware 18 pieces .90x
1 lot of tin ware .50x
1 cooking stove and apparatus 14.00x
1 old cupboard in porch .25
1 churn .25x
1 wash tub .25x
1 wash board .25x
3 sad irons .40x
1 coffee mill .25x
1 lot of knives and forks .30x
1 lot of cupboard ware in kitchen .30x
5 red and white plates .30x
5 blue and white plates .20x
1 set of floured cups and saucers .40x
1 set of common cups and saucers .20x
1 lot of glass ware, 3 tumblers & tea plates .37x
1 tea pot, sugar boll and pitcher western ware .62x
5 bolls and 2 tin tumblers .15x
1 pitcher, sugar boll, sauce plate, butter plate cream cup and mug .25x
Page 303
5 old spoons .03x
2 quart bottles .20x
1 quart bottle and vials .10
2 brass candle sticks .20x
1 set of winsor chairs 2.00x
1 dining table 3.00x
1 table cloth .50x
1 mantle clock 3.00x
1 bureau 4.00x
1 bed No.1, consisting of bedstead, feather and straw ticks, 1 sheet, 1 comfort, 1 quilt, 2 pillows and valians 10.00x
1 bed No.2, consisting of bedstead, feather and straw ticks, 1 sheet, 1 comfort, 2 pillows and valians 6.50x
1 bed No.3, consisting of bedstead, feather and straw ticks, 1 quilt, 1 pillows and valians 4.50
1 fancy quilt 1.75x
1 patch work quilt, yellow squares 1.75x
1 patch work quilt white squares 1.25x
1 old patch work quilt 1.0
1 old flannel quilt .10
25 yards of carpeting 5.00x
4 meal bags .50x
1 meal seive .10x
2 meal tubs .10x
1 barrel upstairs .05x
2 meal barrels in cellar .65x
2 cider barrels and 1 pickle barrel .75x
1 sythe and newest sneath .75x
1 sythe and old snead .50
1 short single tree .10
1 chopping axe .25x
1 claw hammer .10x
1 long single tree .30x
trace chains .50x
1 grind stone .25
1 snaffle bit bridle .12x
1 old saddle .50
1 weeding hoe .10x
1 small 2 prong fork .05x
1 three prong fork .10x
corn in crib 10.00
1 white sow and 6 pigs 8.00x
1 spotted sow 3.50
4 shoats 5.50x
1 black cow with white face 18.00
1 red and white cow 20.00x
1 cow and calf 22.00x
1 roan heifer 15.00x
Page 304
1 yearling heifer 6.00x
1 sorrel mare 40.00x
1 1 horse wagon 12.00x
1 set of harness for 1 horse wagon 1.25x
1 large rope and hook .20
18 geese 2.70x
total $242.82
1 note of hand on Wm P. Smith dated September the 22nd 1853 due five months after date calling for the sum of 255.00
credited January 6th 1854 with the sum of (good) 5.00
Interest due .86
1 note of hand on Joseph Birk dated December 17 due nine months after date calling for the sum of (doubtful) 20.00
1 note of hand on Jasper V. Lane dated October the 1st day 1854 due December the 25th 1854 given to Jacob Webb and assigned to John Okane calling for the sum of (doubtful) 47.66
1 note of hand on James H. Lee dated November the 11th day 1839 due September the 1st day 1840 bearing ten percent for the sum of interest calling (bad) 30.00
Interest due 40.62
An account on John Willowby for the sum of (doubtful) 36.25

Appraised March 14th 1854.
Martin Williams
Joseph Price, appraisers

x= widow's selection

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