Inventory of Adam Niedenthal

Franklin County
October Term A.D. 1859
Pages 416-418

An inventory of the personal estate of Adam Niedenthal deceased taken by Margaret Niedenthal administratrix and appraised by John Smith and John Fehlinger this 10th day of August in the year 1854.

Description of the Property Value
Description of Property Valuation
1 wagon 50.00
1 cow and calf 18.00
1 yoke of cattle 50.00
9 head of hogs 10.00
[Page 416]
geis and chickens 2.00
corn, wheat, oates, rye and botatoes 20.00
farming yutansles [utensils] 5.00
house fenicpers [furniture] 50.00
1 not whit 10.00
kethen farniches [furniture] 25.00
amount 240.00

all of which is taken by the widow of the deceased
John Fehlinger, appraiser

[Margaret Niedenthal is the widow]
[Page 418]

That at the time of the death of said Adam Niedenthal he was the owner of about fifty-five acres of land on Wolf Creek in Franklin County in which he lived at the time of his death that he left the said said administratrix his widow and a son aged about three years at the time of his fathers death to whom said land decended that for the purpose of preventing said land from being sold to pay said debts and to protect her interest and that of the son she undertook and did pay off all of said debts out of her own private means and that she set up the same as a claim upon said estate as a lien upon said land. Subscribed & sworn to by Margret Emerine this 12th day of September 1859
Margret Emerine
Georg Amehein
John M. Johnston clk ct

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