Inventory of Daniel C. Martin

Franklin County
July Term AD 1857
Page 376-378
The following is an inventory and appraisement of the personal effects of Daniel C. Martin, deceased made this 20th day of Dec'r 1851 by Sam'l H. Case & A. D. W. Newkirk appraisers selected by the administrator to wit:

1 mantle clock 3.00x
1 small stand 1.00x
1 bed & bedding 6.00x
1 bed sted 1.75x
1 bed & bedding 6.00x
1 bed sted .25x
8 windsor chairs 2.00x
1 churn .05x
1 bed & bedding 6.00x
1 bed sted 1.50x
1 curpboard 5.00x
lot cupboard ware 1.50x
1 bureau 3.00x
1 breakfast table .75x
1 cooking stove & pipe 6.00x
1 butter churn .25x
1 slate .18x
2 bed quilts 1.00x
1 flour bbl .12x
1 bench .20x
1 iron pot .50x
1 wash tub & slop bucket .62x
1 kettle .50x
1 choping ax .75x
1 peacock plough 4.00x
Page 376
1 shovel plough 3.00x
1 set brechen, collar hames &c 2.00x
1 lot of corn fodder .10x
1 pr chains, singletree &c 1.00x
1 lot of corn 50.00x
1 milch cow 10.00x
1 fire shovel .25x
book ac on William Munson 1807 n.v.
book ac on Matthias Munson 1.00
book ac A.D.W. Newkirk 1.00x

A. D. W. Newkirk
Samuel H. Case apprs.
Rec'd at the appraisement the above articles of William Robeson adm'r this 20th day of Dec'r 1851.
Eunice Martin
widows selection [$119.37] = x

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