Inventory of Anna Lowes

Franklin County
June Term AD 1848
Page 186
An inventory of the estate, goods, chattels, rights, credits, moneys and effects of Anna Lowes late of Franklin County, State of Indiana, deceased, taken by Daniel Wilson administrator of the estate of said deceased and appraised by Wright Sparks and John Hutchinson, two reputable freeholders of the neighborhood, selected as appraisers thereof by the administrator and duly sworn for that purpose

hay in the stacks 10.00
wheat in the stacks 6.00
lot of oats 2.50
lot of corn in the crib 16.00
lot of meat 4.50
1 tub & 3 kegs .62
1 stove 16.40
1 lot of wool 4.76
1 brass kittel 1.25
2 tin buckets & 1 wood bucket .85
1 bell .25
1 chare 1.50
1 bolt of musting 2.70
1 account against John Lowes 4.00
1 account against Josiah Lowes 10.00
1 account against William Lowes for which in the judgement of the appraisers to be collectable 10.50
amount of all moneys in specie 252.75
in bank bills 80.00
total $424.89

Given under our hands this 16th day of February 1847. Wright Sparks, John Hutchison, appraisers

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