David Leming Inventory

Franklin County
May Term AD 1844
Page 312

An inventory of the goods, chattles and effects of David Leming late of Franklin County, State of Indiana deceased, taken by Thomas J. Leming, administrator of the estate of the said deceased with the assistance of John Pursell and Jno. C. Griffin, appraisers called and duly sworn for that purpose

Wearing apparel 26.50
1 violin 2.00
1 saddle 9.00
1 bay horse 25.00

Given under our hands this 24th day of March AD 1841
Jno. Pursell
Jno. C. Griffin, appraisers

account against Philip G. Rowe 3.50
making in all $76.00

Given under my hand this 24th day of March 1841
Thomas J. Leming, administrator

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