George W. Kline Inventory

Franklin County
August Term AD 1839
Page 271

On the 6th day of May AD 1835 personally appeared before me the undersigned Justice of the Peace in and for the County afd Thomas Cooper and Edward Johnson appraisers appointed to appraise the goods and chattles proper to be appraised belonging to the estate of George Kline dec'd contained in the following inventory at the fair cash value of the same. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid. William Potts J.P.

Inventory of the personal estate of George [W.] Kline dec'd in the County afd that has come to the knowledge of James Conwell admr of sd dec'd

1 table 1.00
1 corner cupboard 3.00
1 pair of broken andirons 0.50
3 bedsteads 7.00
1 gun (shot gun) 2.00
total $13.50

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