Inventory of Joshua Hudson

Franklin County
November Term A.D. 1833
White Water Township
Pages 248-249

And afterwards to wit: on the 2nd day of June AD 1831 Robinson Jones administrator as aforesaid filed in the Clerks office of said Court The following appraisement and sale bill of the personal property belonging to said estate, to wit: August 23d 1820 the undersigned being called upon by Archibold Guthery, admr of the estate of Joshua Hudson, decd. to appraise the goods and chattles of said deceased do report as follows:

1 table 2.00
1 keg .50
1 cupboard .60
1 grey mare 45.00
1 bay mare 6.00
1 saddle & pr of haimes 6.00
1 shovel plough 3.00
all the parcel of corn and vegetables in the field in which the house stands 10.00
1/3 of corn in the field of James Jones Jr. 50.00
1 stack of flax now at the house of William Hudson 3.00
1 stack of wheat at do 10.00
1 stack of rye at do 8.00
1 black steer 4.00
1 cow & calf 18.00
2 sheep 3.00
1 barshear plow 3.00
1 yoke or work steers 25.00
1 bedstead 4.00
2 pr of harness 1.00
1 stack of hay 4.00
6 hogs 10.00
3 hogs 7.00
property claimed by J.Jones Jr.
dresser furniture 4.00
1 table 2.50
1 bureau 8.00
1 large trunk 2.00
1 bed & bedding & stead 20.00
1 ditto 16.00
1 ten gallon kettle 3.00
1 pot & hooks 1.75
1 bake pan 1.50
1 frying pan 1.50
1 iron pot .75
1 tea kettle .50
1 pewter basin .50
2 hogs 6.00
1 side saddle 10.00

certified by Thomas Manwarring, George Rudicele, Sam'l Rockafellar appraisers.
State of Indiana, Franklin County. This is to certify that the within named appraisers were duly sworn according to law before me, as witness my hand and seal this 15th day of June 1826 Hugh May, late a Justice of the Peace

The condition of this present vendue held this 4th day of September 1820 for the purpose of selling the goods and chattels of the estate of Joshua Hudson late of the Township of White Water, County of Franklin & State of Indiana is such the highest bidder is to be the buyer--any person or persons buying article or articles to the amount of two dollars or upwards shall have a credit of nine months with giving [page 249] their notes with approved security therefor--any person or persons buying any article or articles to a less amount than two dollars will pay the ready money--any person or persons buying and not complying with the above conditions will return the goods so sold to the buyer before the sale is over and pay a deficiency of a second sale--the administrator reserves one bid at each article if he sees cause. A. Guthery administrator

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