James E. Higgins Inventory

Franklin County
February Term AD 1842
Page 572

An inventory of the goods, chattels, and effects of Jas. E. Higgins late of Franklin County and State of Indiana deceased taken by John T. Higgins administrator to the estate of said deceased with the assistance of John Lewis and Peter Ruark appraisers called and duly sworn for that purpose to wit

1 sorrel mare 30.00x
1 bay horse colt 20.00
1 mans saddle and bridle 8.00x
1 bed and bedding 15.00x
9 pieces of bed covers 18.00x
1 loom 3.50
1 lot of cupboard ware .87x
1 bedstead 1.00x
1 lot of kitchen furniture 1.25x
1 jug 0.50
1 skillet and lid 0.75x
1 sieve and 1 churn 0.75x
1 cow 12.00x
1 scythe 1.50
1 yearlen steer 7.00x
1 set of haims and collar 1.00x
1 10 gallon kettle 2.00
6 head of hogs 12.00x
1 breakfast table 3.00
1 set of hand irons 0.25x
making in all $138.37

given under our hands and seals this 13th day of September 1839
John Lewis
Peter Ruark

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