Inventory of Jesse Gwin

Franklin County
April Term A.D. 1853
Pages 80-81

State of Indiana, Franklin County Before me the undersigned a justice of the peace in and for said County this day personally came John G. Hammond and Alexander McKennon, two reputable men of said County appointed by Joseph Rudman administrator of the estate of Jesse Gwin deceased who were by me duly sworn to appraise teh personal property of said Gwin deceased impartially according to the best of their judgment. J. G. Hammond, Alexander McKennon. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of November [Page 80] 1849 Daniel St. John, Justice of the peace.

a feather bed 3.00
a quilt .50
a wash tub .50
25 bushels corn more or less in the field 4.25
a smoothing iron .28
a cradle .25
a shovel plough .50
a churn and hamer .10
a lot of pots 3.12
6 chairs 5.00
a feather bed 2.25
4 pillows 2.00
2 bedticks 1.25
2 quilts .75
2 quilts 2.12
2 quilts 4.00
a box or keg .10
a looking glass .25
a sieve .50
a lot of cupboard ware 3.00
a bedsted 1.50
a bedsted 1.25
a bedsted 2.00
a saddle & bridle 2.00
a cupboard .10
a axe .12
a axe 1.50
a table 1.00
a bureau 8.00
a box of old iron .20
a horse 5.00
a lot of cabbage .50

John G. Hammond
Alexander McKennon, appraisers

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