Kesiah FortnerInventory

Franklin County
May Term AD 1845
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On the 29th day of September 1842 the following appraisement of the personal property of Keziah Fortner was filed in the Clerks office of said Court to wit: An inventory of the goods chattels and effects of Kezia Fortner late of Franklin County and State of Indiana deceased, taken by Solomon H. Fortner admr of the estate of said deceased with the assistance of Elihu S. Neff and Charles Melone appraisers called and duly sworn for that purpose

1 mare 28.00
1 calf 2.00
1 cow 8.00
1 table cloth .87
1 stand cloth 0.25
1 tub W. Board 0.75
1 churn .87
1 chair 1.00
1 jug 0.25
1 lot of hogs 4.50
making in all $46.50

Elihu S. Neff
Charles Melone, appraisers
Solomon H. Fortner, Admr

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