Inventory of James Dailey

Franklin County
March Term A.D. 1852
Pages 356-358

State of Indiana, Franklin County: Personally came before the undersigned, Noah Millers, a Justice of the Peace in and for Franklin County, John Shultz & David Hetrick reputable freeholders of said County, who being sworn on oath say that they will truly, honestly, and impartially appraise the estate property and effects of which shall be exhibited to them by Thomas Craft, executor of the last will of James Dailey, deceased, according to the best of their judgment and abiliity. John Shultz, David Hetrick. Subscribed and sworn before the this 3rd day of November 1849, Noah Miller. There follows an inventory and appraisement of the real and personal estate of James Dailey, deceased made by the above appraisers selected by Thomas Craft executor for that purpose

1 due bill on Diamond Finne and James Ashcroft given Oct the 20th 1846 called for $8.48 9.00
1 lot of books .50
1 lot of books .20
1 bell and shears .05
amt brot over 9.75
1 riting desk .25
1 spinning wheel .10x
1 spinning wheel .75
1 reel .10
1 dough tray .50
1 tub & pickles .25x
1 washing tub .50x
2 buckets .15x
1 half bush .10x
wash bowl and strainer .10
1 jug and brass kettle .05
1 barrel .25x
1 bedstead .10
1 lot of trumpery .25
1 box .05
1 kettle and pail .10x
1 lot carpeting .50x
1 meat tub .25x
1 wash board .25x
1 churn .10x
1 hand saw .10
Page 356  
1 side saddle .50
1 riding bridle .25
1 cooking stove and utensils 10.00x
1 clock 3.00
1 bureau .50x
1 table and cloth .25x
1 set of chairs 1.50x
1 set of chairs .25x
1 rocking chair .25x
amt brot over 21.30
1 table .10x
1 stand .25x
1 corner cupboard .25x
1 bedstead and cord 1.00x
bed and beding 5.00x
1 water and coffee pot .10x
1 fire shovel .05x
knives and forks and knife box .40x
spoons .40x
1 lot of tin ware .80x
1 lot of delf ware 3.50x
1 bed and beding 5.00x
1 bedstead and cord 2.00x
1 lot of bedcloths 10.00x
bed and beding 2.00x
1 bedstead and cord .10x
1 bed and beding 1.00x
1 shite face cow 12.00x
1 brindle cow 10.00x
1 muley heifer 9.00x
1 gray mare 10.00
1 windmill 2.00
1 scythe and cradle 1.00
3 gums .25
sadle and gears .50x
1 plow 1.25
a lot of sundries .50
a lot of old irons .10
hay in the mow 12.00x
a lot of harrow teeth .40
shingle tree and clevis .20x
brot over 99.25
log chain 1.50x
1 kettle and pail 1.00x
a lot of geese 2.00x
Page 357  
a lot of ducks 1.25x
chickens 1.00x
1 axe and swingletree .25x
2 grindstones .10x
1 waggon 5.00
a lot of pigs of six 1.50
5 hogs 8.00x
1 sow and 4 pigs 2.50x
1 lot of corn 15.00x
1 lot of corn 15.00
a lot of sheep at 50 per 1.50x
a lot of growing wheat 10.00
1 grubbing hoe .25
1 shovel .75
a note on Joseph Dailey called for $100 dated April the 10th 1843 due one year after date (considered worth nothing) nv
1 note ditto due 2 years after date calling on $100 nv
the real estate appraised to $700 being 96 acres more or less 700.00
a note on Joseph Dailey called for $100 dated April the 10th 1843 due three years after date considered worth nothing nv
John Shutlz, David Heitrick  
an account on Hug Reevs for $150 150.00
100 fruit trees at 7 7.00
no cash on hand 157.00

Received of Thomas Craft Executor of the estate of James Dailey deceased $148.20 being in part of my absolute share of the personal estate of said deceased. Dec the 1, 1849, Charlotte Dailey
x = widows share.

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