Inventory of Peter Boulton

Franklin County
March Term AD 1850
Pages 176-177
Here follows the inventory and appraisement made this 2 day of June AD 1846 by James Hailsup?, Joshua Harris reputable free holders of said county of the goods and effects of the estate of Peter Boulton produced and exhibited for that purpose by Lewis Boulton administrator of said estate.

1 gray mare 37.50x
1 lot of corn in the crib 3.00x
1 lot of corn in the field 16.00x
1 lot of 6 hogs 5.00x
amount carried over $61.50
1 lot of beans growing 1.00x
harness 1.25x
2 old axes .87x
3 hoes .50x
1 cow 9.00x
2 calves 4.00x
1 lot fowls 3.00x
1 plow .50x
kitchen ware 3.37x
1 rifle 3.00x
1 clock 4.00x
1 bureau 4.00x
1 table 1.00x
1 stand .75x
8 chairs 3.25x
2 bedsteads 1.75x
2 bed & bedding 10.00x
lot of old tools 1.25x
shovel & tongs .50x
1 mowing scythe .50x
Page 176  
1 account on Wm. Starr for watch, lumber &c amt $52 that will probably be collectable 52.00
1 note on John S. Clark for $10 probably good 10.00
1 account agst Adam Starr 22.00
1 note on Charles Higdon & Benj & Harrison Higdon for 30.00x
amount carried over $228.94
1 note on Jas. Daily & John Barbor good 20.00
account on James Daily for amt paid his order to Joseph Dailys amt $2.12 n.v.
1 note on John Gray for $3 3.00x
total appraisement $251.94

Received of Lewis Boulton administrator of the estate of Peter Boulton late of Franklin County, deceased in sundry articles above enumerated at the appraised value thereof the sum of $148.25 being so much of my absolute claim upon the personal effect of said estate just? June the 2d AD 1846, Soloma Boulton, widow of Peter Boulton
articles marked x are those accepted by the widow as part of her absolute share.

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