Brick House Specification
Mutual Assurance Society Records

Misc Records 1794-1869, Virginia State Archives, Richmond, Virginia

Specifications Brick house 26 by 40 feet out-to-out
2 stories & an attic high
Walls (except front) best brick, not stock
Front of Stock brick
Outer walls 1 brick thick
Partition walls 1 brick thick
Basement 7 feet clear (pencil changed to 8)3 feet under ground, - 4 ft out (changed to 2 & 5)
Foundation to be dug out and earth removed

Kitchen 16 x 18 clear
Paved with hard brick
Walls not plastered, but whitewashed
Fire place without grate

Partition walls of Brick
6 windows with 2 sashes, 3 lights each glass 12x18 (good common article)5 Venetian shutters & fastenings
1 Outside door with good lock, plain frame complete-
4 Inside batton doors, stock locks -
Suitable shelves in Kitchen & storeroom
Other rooms & passage unfinished except whitewashing in passage
Stair steps, plain steps with handrail to principal story

Principal Story 11 feet in the clear
2 rooms & passage
Stud partitions
Each room 16 x 18 in the clear
2 outside & 2 inside pannelled doors & 1 folding door to correspond
Mortice locks with pearl white knobs & finish complete
[page break] --Principal Story Continued--
Front door with 4 light over it & 3 at each side & with stone sill & a bell
2 marble mantles & hearths
Grates to be selected by Self
5 windows with best common glass 12x18 12 lights each to 3 windows & 15 lights each to 2, sashes hung with weights
3 window backs recessed & pannelled below the sill (crossed out)
2 windows with lights down to the floor or washboard (crossed out)
outside plain wooden sills & caps
Venetian shutters with 1/2 moveable slate & suitable fastenings
Floor joists best seasoned timber with plain washboard
Floors not pieced & without knots
Walls plastered with 3 coats - no cornice nor centre-piece
Inside finish to the doors to correspond to the windows
Stair-case according to plan, with mahoghany rail without scroll

2nd Story 10 feet clear
3 rooms according to plan
5 doors plain finish & good locks
7 windows, 12 lights each - glass 12x16
Venetian shutter to each window with fastenings complete
3 plain wooden mantles with grate to correspond
Brick hearths
Floors & joists of good seasoned timber
Whole story plastered with 2 coat work & whitest ash
Stair case to attic story

Attic 8 feet clear in pitch, floored with common plank planed
7 window with 2 sashes, 3 lights each glass 12x14 -jams & inside sills unfinished
Venetian shutters to each window with fastenings complete
No lathing or plastering
(pencil) with the necessary No of doors, washboard, grates,
mantles, so as to make this story complete

Roof tinned & similar to Mr. Jno Cosby's tenements on Grace St next below Centenary Church, except as to balustrade, which is to be dispensed with-

Front porch similar to those on new tenements of Mr. Rutherfoord on Grace just above Adams St

Back porch one story high & to extend across rear of house, & in every respect similar to those attached to Mr Cosby's houses before referred to (pencil) expect a room to be made there similar to those attached to the houses lately erected by TR on Grace Street

The whole house to be painted inside & out (floors & walls excepted) with 3 coats of paint- colors to be selected by self, No graining, all plain work-

Privy - of ordinary dimensions & finish, with 2 compartments, 2 seats in one & 1 seat in the other

Enclosures (blank) feet common plank fencing-(blank) feet small fencing -

What would be the additional cost of having partition walls in 1st Story in Brick?
What of having sliding doors? of plain stone hearths in 2d story? of a two story porch in rear?
What, of finishing off dining room in basement? of finishing off attic story?

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