Building Specification
Mutual Assurance Society Records

Misc Records 1794-1869, Virginia State Archives, Richmond, Virginia

Brick House 28 by 36 out-to-out
2 stories high with a basement & attic
Front walls of stock brick, other walls bed brick not stock
outer walls 1½ brick thick--stripped

Basement 8 feet pitch in the clear
Foundation to be dug and the earth removed
Partition Walls of brick & 1 brick thick

Kitchen, Store Room, Office & 3 Servants rooms & passage per plan
Suitable shelves in storeroom
one wooden mantel piece in office
6 inside & 2 outside doors, one panelled all the rest to be batton
4 windows with 2 sashes, 6 lights each glass 11x14 & 1/1 blind
2 windows with 1 sash 6 lights each glass 11x14
Iron Bars to one window and 2 half windows in basement
Floor joists best seasoned timber, heart, for the office and servants rooms & passage with plain wash board
The Kitchen & Store Room to be paved with good brick
The whole ceiling of the basement to be plaistered & the walls
white washed & office walls plaistered
Stair case according to plan

Principal Story
Principal Story 11 feet in the clear
2 Rooms & passage according to plan--stud partitions
Each room 16.6 x 16.6--
passage 8 feet Venetian partition in passage complete with light over it
Principal story continued--
2 outside & 8 inside pannelled doors the outside doors to have 4 lights over each and side lights--
one pair of neat folding doors between Rooms with good furniture to correspond--
Mortice locks with 5 white porcelain knobs & finished complete
4 windows with 12 lights each boxed framed, hung with weights, glass 11x17
4 Venetian Shutters with 1/2 rolling slats & suitable fastenings,
pilasters to doors & windows to be 7 inches wide & 1 inch thick & architrave 2 inches
Trim finish to the doors to correspond to the windows--
washboard to correspond with other finish--base 6 inches with 3 inch moulding on top--
Stare case according to plan with mahogany rail & newel
2 neat wooden mantels painting in imitation of Egyptian marble

2nd Story
Second Story 9 feet pitch in the clear--& 4 rooms per Plan.
4 pannelled doors, with mortice locks &c
6 windows-- 12 lights each-- glass 11x15 without weights
6 Venetian Shutters with ½Rolling slats fastenings complete
4 Wooden mantels plain pilasters to door & windows 5 inches with beaded architrave
Stud Partition & suitable washboard throughout
Staircase according to plan-- mahogany rail & newel

Attic or Garret
6 feet pitch in clear, front & rear to rise with roof at center
6 windows--6 lights each-- glass 11x12-- 3 cast iron frames for front windows -- one sky light --
flues for grates in the 2 Northern Chimnies --
and no other finish at present but a partly finished store room 11.6 x 10.6 with door & good lock &c & suitable shelving

Floor and joists of 1st & 2 stories to be a good marketable article well seasoned joists to be 2½ x12 1st floor & 2½ x11 for floors above placed 16 inches from centre to centre apart
Floor to be without knots in 1st & 2d stories

Roof to be tinned in the best manner and to use at centre and the have suitable conductors and gutters.

Plain wooden cornices, with blocking in front according to plan.

Plain wooden sills (4 inches wide) & caps (9 inches wide) to windows throughout.

A front Portico 27 by 7, one story high, stops, shingled roof--the ends to be braided up with a Venetian blind in each--

All the wood & tin work to be well painted with 3 coats the painting to be plain with the exception of the graining of the 2 mantels already mentioned.
The glazing in the principal story to be of good French Glass

An area wall in front 4 feet clear, capped with good heart pine and connected with the main building by cross walls-- the area to be paved and centered from the front by a flight of wood steps per plan-- A neat plain painted paling in front with 2 gates

A coal vault in front with opening & grating on the side street pavement, 8x10, the are wall composing a part of the vault, & to be entered by a door from area as per plan.

Planting the House, suitable for possession

Wooden enclosure--boards about 9 feet high--about 23 panels of eight feet each -- to be neat & substantial--with a gate at the rear

A neat wooden privy--painted-- including a division for servants

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