The Virginia Gazette

June 9, 1768. Number 109. Page 4, Column 1, No. 2

TO remove the unfavourable opinion creditors have of debtors advertising their estates for sale by way of lottery or otherwise, purely to amuse them, I take this method, to clear up so much thereof as may tend to my lottery, to inform the public, that the lands and slaves mentioned therein shall be valued before drawing by disinterested Gentlemen. Whatever particulars falls short of the price rated at, shall be paid in tickets or notes of hand for tickets sold.

Should any be valued higher, a twelve month's credit will be allowed for the balance, on giving bond and security. The fortunate who draw any of the five pounds, may either take the lot of cattle or houshold goods, or give up the ticket in lieu thereof.

This, I doubt not, will put a better face on my scheme, banish prejudiced thoughts, and be a means of my disposing of all the tickets in due time, which will give great satisfaction to the public's Humble servant,


P.S. I heartily with the Gentleman, who proposes the scheme for disposing of Verigenitan fowls, success. Had I the pleasure of being acquainted with him, I would purchase a ticket, provided he would do me the like favour.
B. J.