The Virginia Gazette

November 7, 1771. Number 1058. Page 3, Column 1, No. 2

FREDERICKSBURG, October 29, 1771.

AT next Culpeper Court I shall be ready to treat with any Person fo rthe Sale of two TAVERNS which I own in the Town of Fairfax, whereon are all necessary Outhouses and Conveniences, one of which rents for forty five Pounds a Year , two Years yet to come, the other for fifteen Pounds a Year, five Years yet to come, and Business enough for both.

At the same Time I shall offer for Sale a Tract of LAND of about thirteen Hundred Acres, which lies on Hedgman River, in the County of Culpeper, a great Part of it very good, extending in a narrow Body near three Miles up and down the River.

Also a Tract of very good LAND, in the same County, which I had of Colonel Gabriel Jones, deceased, containing about four Hundred Acres, in fine Order for Farming, on which are valuable Buildings and Improvements, and is about thirty three Miles from Fredericksburg.

I will also sell the remaining Part of my Pretty's Creek Tract, in Albemarle County, containing about two Thousand Acres, and great Part of it fine Land. Major James Barbour, of Culpeper, has Power to sell the same; and if it should not be sold before the 10th of December I propose to attend at my Quarters there from the 11th to the 15th of December, in Order to sell it.

I have about a Thousand Acres in Orange County, not far from Captain Rowland Thomas's, which I will sell a great Bargain. Inquire of Mr. Hugh Jones, who lives not far from it.

For the Encouragement of Tradesmen and Manufacturers to settle in the Town of Fairfax, at Culpeper Courthouse, where they are much wanting, I will lease out twenty vacant Lots of Half an Acre each, in the said Town, on Ground Rents for twenty one Years, and will add to each Lot a five Acre lot adjoining, or very near, the Town, at the moderate Rent of forty Shillings a Year, and as soon as a sufficient Number of Persons shall apply to me and subscribe to take the Number of Lots I propose to lease out. In Order to do them equal Justice, I shall so allot the Town and Country Lots as to make them as near of equal Value as possible, and have them numbered, and the Subscribers to draw for them' but if any Person should want any particular Town and Country Lot he must make a private Bargain with me for it, though I shall not make much Difference in the Rent. Timber of all Sorts is very convenient, and Carpenters easily to be procured. This Town is in the Centre of a very populous Neighbourhood, and surrounded with fertile Lands for many Miles; so that the Success of good industrious Artificers at this Place cannot fail.