The Virginia Gazette

November 7, 1771. Number 1058. Page 3, Column 1, No. 1

WHEREAS the Estate of Benjamin Grymes cannot be got in Order for Sale be the 25th Instant, there will, on that Day, be sold (at the Place where the said Grymes now lives) for ready Money, as many NEGROES and HORSES as will raise about fifteen hundred Pounds; and the Residue of his Estate, consisting about a Hundred and twenty Negroes, several Horses, Oxen, Waggons, Carts, Household Furniture, and books, a Tract of Land containing about two Thousand Acres, upon Mattapony River, in Spotsylvania County, which will be laid off in Lots, and put under Enclosures, will be sold on the first Monday in February next, at the aforesaid Place where the said Grymes now lives, which is about six Miles form Fredericksburg. Credit will be allowed till the 25th of April 1773, the Purchasers giving Bond and Security to the Trustees, who will attend the Sale, and make good Titles. Five per Cent. Discount will be allowed for ready Money, and all Bonds not discharged at the Time they become due to bear Interest from the Date. The two vessels before advertised (being a Brig and Schooner of about a Hundred Tuns Burthen each) will be sold by the Subscriber at any Time between this and the Day of Sale.

ANTHONY THORNTON, Junior, Agent of the Trustees.

N.B. There are amongst the Negroes some good Colliers, Carters, Forgemen, Watermen, &c. and a very good furnace keeper.