The Virginia Gazette

August 6, 1772. Number 1097. Page 3, Column 1

To be Sold, pursuant to the Will of Mr. Roger Dixon, deceased, for the Benefit of his Creditors, at the ensuing September Fair in Fredericksburg, and to be entered upon at Christmas, the following Lands, namely:

Near three Hundred Acres adjoining the Town, several unimproved Lots, the Ferry opposite to Mrs. Washington's and a Lot, with Houses, etc. in the Occupation of Mr. Crawford, in the Town of Fredericksburg, about three Hundred Acres in a Tract called Chalky Level, three Miles from the said Town, a valuable Tract in Culpeper, upon the Hedgman River, containing fifteen Hundred Acres, the well accustomed Tavern in Fairfax town, at Culpeper Courthouse, with sundry Lots in, and a convenient Tract adjoining, the said Town; also a Plantation in Culpeper, late the Property of Mr. Gabriel Jones, containing two Hundred Acres, with a good Dwelling house and convenient Outhouses thereon, about three Thousand Acres on Pretty's Creek, in the county of Albemarle, with Improvements, and a Tract of four Hundred Acres in Orange County, near Cave's Ford. Credit will be allowed until the 25th of April next, upon giving bond, with sufficient Security to the Administrator. The Creditors may depend upon every legal Measure being adopted for their Satisfaction, and to save the Slaves for the Benefit of the Daughters of the Deceased, who otherwise must fall short of their Portions; and the Debtor, who, by an unlimited Indulgence, have involved the Estate so as to make these Measures necessary, it is hoped will commiserate the Situation of his Children, and not fail to come immediately and settle their Accounts, five Bond, and make speedy Payment, either to Mr. Oliver Towles, Mr. Philip Clayton, Junior, who acts under him, or to John Dixon, Administrator, with the Will annexed.

N.B. Mr. Clayton will show the Lands at or near Fredericksburg, and Mr. James Barbour, Junior, those above.