The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, September 4, 1746. Number 527. Page 4, Column 1, No. 2.

Just imported in the Ship Restoration, Capt. John Kerr, from London, by the Subscriber at Fredericksburg,

A Large Quantity of choice Druggs and Medicines; Stoughton's and Berean's Drops, Daffy's and Squire's Elixirs, Anderson's and Lockyer's Pills, fine Turkey Rhubarb, Spanish Liquorice, Pearl and French Barleys, Sago, shav'd Hard-horn, Hungary Water, Smelling Bottles, Sweet and bitter Almonds, Sweet and common Oil, Spirit and Oil of Turpentine, Chocolate, White and Brown Sugar-candy, Gold Leaf, Dutch-metal, White and Red Leads, with many other Colours, Spunge, Phials, White Pots, &c. &c. which are to be Sold at very reasonable Prices, by

William Lynn