The Virginia Gazette

October 3, 1771. Number 1053. Page 3, Column 2

To be SOLD by the Trustees of BENJAMIN GRYMES, Esquire, on Monday the 25th of November, if Fair, otherwise the next fair Day, and continue till all is sold, at Benjamin Johnson's Ordinary in Fredericksburg,

ABOUT two Hundred fine healthy SLAVES belonging to the Estate of the said Grymes; but very few old Ones amongst them; there are several good Furnace Men, Forgemen, Colliers, Carters, and Watermen, about sixty Draught Horses, and some good Oxen, with Geer belonging to them; also several Waggons and Carts, a very good Brig between ninety and a Hundred Tuns, and a Schooner of the same Burthen, both but a few Months from the Carpenter's Hands, whose Name is George Hill, and lives in Fredericksburg. He can inform any Gentleman who inclines to purchase what they are. About fifteen of the Slaves will be sold for ready Money, with some of the Horses, and Credit allowed for the rest of the Estate until the 25th of October 1772, the Purchasers giving Bond and Security to the Trustees, who will attend the Sale, and make them an undoubted Title. Merchants Notes will be taken as Security, five per Cent. Discount will be allowed for ready Money, and all Bonds that are not discharged at the Time they become due to bear interest from the Day of Sale.

Agent to the Trustees.