The Virginia Gazette

November 3, 1752. Number 95. Page 2, Column 1

To be SOLD, by Wholesale,

SUNDRY Parcels of sortable European and India Goods, belonging to the Assignees of Messrs. Buchanan and Hamilton, late of London, Bankrupts; at the Stores of Francis Jerdone in York, Ninian Boog in King & Queen, and Robert Duncanson in Fredericksburg. The Terms may be known by applying to the Subscribers who are impowered by the Assignees to settle the Affairs of the said Buchanan and Hamilton, in America: They therefore desire all Persons indebted to them, or the above-mentioned Stores, to make speedy Payment, to prevent their being sued, and those who have any Demands to bring in their Account to

Francis Jerdone,

Ninian Boog.