The Virginia Gazette

January 31, 1751. Number 5. Page 3, Column 2.

Fredericksburg, Jan. 28, 1750-1.

Having been much afflicted with the Gout of late, I am determined to leave off my Business and Practice; and having lately imported from London, a large Assortment of choice Medicines, I design to dispose of them, with the Contents of my Shop, consisting of fresh sortable Medicines, all Manner of Shop Utensils, a great Variety of Surgeons Instruments, Books of Physick, Anatomy and Surgery. Any Person or Persons that are inclinable to purchase the Contents, shall have them on reasonable Terms, and Twelve Months Credit, giving good Security. The Purchaser may have a convenient House and Shop, where it is now kept, at a reasonable yearly Rent.

The Subscriber has Two good convenient Dwelling-Houses on the same Lot, with Gardens, Stable, &c, to be Rented or Sold on reasonable Terms.

N.B. All Persons that have any just Demands against the Subscriber are desired to bring in their Accounts, to receive Satisfaction for the same, and all Persons indebted to him are desired to pay the same before the first Day of May next, to prevent further Trouble

William Lynn