The Virginia Gazette

July 30, 1752. Number 83. Page 3, Column 2

RAN away from the Subscriber, in Fredericksburg, on the 15th Instant, an English Servant Man, named Joseph Carpenter, a fat, thick, well-set Fellow, about five Feet three Inches high, and about 26 Years of Age; he has a very thick Under-lip, and had on when he went away, an old Beaver Hat, an Oznabrig Shirt and Trowsers, a brown Duroy Coat, lined with white Shalloon, and a Pair of old Shoes; he took with him some other Cloaths, and some Books; he can read and write very well, and pretends to be a Copper Smith and Brasier. He is suppos'd to be gone down the River, in Order to get on some Vessel, and so make his Escape. Whoever will secure and deliver him to me, shall have a Pistole Reward if taken up within 10 Miles of Fredericksburg, or Two Pistoles if taken up at a greater Distance, besides what the Law allows.

William Lynn