The Virginia Gazette

May 2, 1766. Number 780. Page 2, Column 2, No. 3.

To be SOLD, or RENTED for a term of years,

A FREEHOLD lot of ground in Fredericksburg, on Rappahannock river, Virginia, on which is a good stone storehouse, with large warehouses, cellars, and other useful buildings, all in good repair, and the whole well paled round; the situation is near the river, in the most publick part of the town, and as for many years past a considerable trade has been carried on at the store, it may be of advantage for a purchaser who purposes to sell West-India goods, or to buy tobacco, hemp, grain, skins, or butter, all which may be done to a great extent, the town of Fredericksburg being convenient to a large and well peopled country. Time of payment, and other particulars, may be known by applying to

Charles Yates.