The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, February 2, 1769. Number 143. Page 3, Column 1

FREDERICKSBURG, Jan. 25, 1769.

ALL Persons indebted to the late partnership of Dekar Thompson, & Company, of Falmouth, are desired to make payment to Mr. Edward Moore, who is impowered to give proper acquittances. Those who cannot pay fully in the spring, are requested to reduce their accounts as much as they can and give bonds for their balances, which it is hoped they will do soon, that the company books may be closed, and this will entitle them to an indulgence, which those who fail to do so must not expect. All demands against the said partnership will be settled either by Mr. Edward Moore, who carries on the business of the store as usual, or by

Surviving partner of Dekar Thompson & Co. [6]