The Virginia Gazette

August 29, 1771. Number 1048. Page 3, Column 2 & 3.


TO be SOLD, at the Townhouse in Fredericksburg, on the 24th Day of September next (being the second Day of the Fair) several Articles belonging to the Estate of the late John Mercer, Esquire, deceased; the Particulars appearing in the Catalogue now published. Credit will be allowed for all Sums above six Pounds until the 25th Day of April next, bearing interest from the Sale, to be abated if the Principal is paid when due. Five per Cent. Discount will be allowed for ready Money. All Purchasers to give Bond and Security, and those who delay to do so will be considered as not entitled to any Credit.

I have reserved the first Day of the Fair for my Clients, and request they will be so obliging as to do their business with me on that Day, as it will be impossible for to attend to any other Business than this Sale on the other Days of the Fair.

I beg leave to remind the Purchasers, at the last Sale, that the Bonds will become payable the 23d of September next; as the Money is really greatly [?]arding, I earnestly entreat them to be punctual in their Payments.


A CATALOGUE of BOOKS, &c. belonging to the Estate of JOHN MERCER, Esquire, deceased, now remaining, and to be SOLD the 24th of September 1771.
Anderson's, Royal Genealogies.
Baskerville's, Royal Bible. Of the latest Edition, neatly gilt and lettered, and bound in red Morocco. Imported by a Subscriber, at six Guineas the first Cost.
Boyles, Lecture Sermons. 3 Vols.
Bedford's Chronology.
Burnet's History of this own Times. 2 Vols.
Baysel's Dictionary. 5 Vols.
Council of Trent.
Caesar's Commentaries (English).
Chamber's Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. 2 Vols.
Cox's, History of Ireland.
Dubarcast's Creation of the World.
French Dictionary.
Gutherie's History. 2 Vols.
________ Review. 1 Vol.
Johnston's, Dictionary. 2 Vols.
Keatons, History of Ireland.
Moll's Geography. 2 Vols.
Maitland's History of London.
Pearson on the Creed.
Rarieties of Gresham College.
Ruthworth's Collection. Including the Earl of Stafford's Trial. 8 Vols.
Rapin's History of England, and Tindel's Continuation. 5 Vols.
Quinteny's Complete Gardener.
Salmon's State Trials.
Tillorson's Sermons. 3 Vols.
Treatise on the 5th General Council.
Universal History. Ancient Part. 9 Vols.
______________. Modern Part. 6 Vols.
Views of the United Provinces, &c. 3 Vols.


Anson's Voyage, with Cuts.
Arbuthnot's Tables.
Baker's Microscope.
Harleian Miscellany. The second Volume is wanting; by some Memorandums, it seems it was lent to Mr. Jackson, who lent it to the late Reverend Mr. Murray, of Louisa. Any of his Family, or other will oblige by returning it before the sale.
Milton's Works. His Letters, &c. while Minister, &c. in Prose. 2 Vols.
Salmon's Modern History. 3 Vols.
Saunderson's Algebra. 2 Vols.
Willis's Surveying. 3 Vols.

OCTAVOS and under.
Addison's Freeholder.
Atkinson's Epitome of Navigation.
Adams's Sophocles.
Algarotti on Painting.
The True Amazons.
Beauty's Triumph.
Brooke's Gazetteer.
The Briton.
Bradley's Complete Husbandry.
________. Ancient Ditto.
________ Country Housewife,
________ Practical Discourses on Farming.
Beauties of Poetry.
Betty Barns,
Baskerville's Common Prayer. Four Sets.
Cheyne's Philosophical Principles of Religion.
Cicero's Orations.
Cooper's Complete Distiller.
Classical Dictionary.
Common Sense.
Caroline and Lucy Sanson.
Complete Housewife.
Cole's English Dictionary.
Complete Angler
Campbell's Lives of the Admirals.
Dean of Coleraine.
Dufresnoy's Chronological Tables.
Derham's Physico-Theology.
Dialogues on Education.
Davenant on Trade and Commerce.
Dictionarium Rusticum.
Duck's Poems.
Davenant's Discoveries.
Dublin Society's Observations on Arts and Sciences.
Discourse on Sallads.
Discourse on the Thebean Legion.
Ellis's Modern Husbandman.
_____ on Ventilators.
Fenton's Poems.
Fair Greek.
Farmer's Director.
Francis's Horace.
Modern Gazetteer.
Brooke's Ditto.
Gordon's Grammar.
________ Cosmography.
Gregory's Practical Geometry.
Green on Philosophy.
The Gentleman Instructed.
Gay's Poems.
Gil Blas.
History of Hungary.
History of Europe, from 1676 to 1700.
Houghton's Husbandry.
The Hive (Songs) 4 Vols.
Hume's Essays.
History of Waterford.
History of the Royal Family
History of the Ancient Amphitheatres.
History of Inland Navigation, the Duke of Bridgwater's Canal's &c.
Joe Thompson.
Irish Historical Library.
Instructions for the Indians.
Jack Conner.
Jarvis's Don Quixote.
Keil's Astronomy.
Kenner's Antiquities.
Lyles's Husbandry.
La Belle Assemblee.
Lover and Reader.
Lady's Library.
Life of King David.
______ of Czar Peter.
______ of King William.
______ of Oliver Cromwell.
Lives of the Popes.
_______ of the Convicts.
Locke on Education.
Machioness of Lambert's Works.
Longword, Earl of Salisbury.
List of the Army in 1767.
Magazine (London) from 1732 to 1766, inclusive, with index.
Magazine (Universal) 42 Vols.
________ the Gentleman. 4 Vols.
Memoirs, Pope's.
________ Madam de Maintenoh's.
________ Sully's.
________ Wellwood's.
Meige's State of Britain.
Miller's Gardeners Kalendar.
Montfort's Plays.
Musical Miscellany.
Milton's Paradise Lost, with Notes.
_______ Regained.
Machiavel's History of Florence.
The Minister of State.
Nature Displayed.
Newton's Opticks.
_______ Philosophy.
Northern Memoirs.
Ozanam's Mathematical Recreations.
Orrery on the Globes.
Origin of English Weights and Measures.
Peregrine Pickle.
Prior's Poems.
Persian Letters.
Political View of the Affairs of Great Britain and Ireland.
Prussian Laws.
Potter's Antiquities.
Pleasures of the Town.
Parnell's Poems.
Quincey's Dispensatory.
Rollin's Belle Lettres.
Report of Silver Coins.
Regulation of Ditto.
Resolves on the Treaty at Uxbridge, 1644.
Roman History.
Spirit of Laws.
Sherlock on Future Judgments.
Stanhope on the Epistles and Gospels.
Seed's Posthumous Works.
Salmon's Grammar.
System of Universal History.
Smith's Laboratory.
Switzer's Gardening.
St. Evremond's Works.
Sedley's Works.
Select Plays. 16 Vols. The 4th, 12th, and 13 Volumes are wanting. It is expected whoever has them will be so kind as to return them in Time.
Sandys's Divine Poems.
Smollet's History of England. 11 Vols.
________ Continuation, 4 Vols.
Stith's History of Virginia.
Tom Jones.
Tour through Great Britain.
The Grand Tour.
Travels of Drake Morris.
________ Thompson.
________ Brown.
Turnbull's System of Universal Law of Nature and Nations.
Thompson's Seasons.
_________ Poetical Works.
Trapp's Virgil.
Treatise on Money and Exchange.
Triumph of Peace.
Vanbrugh's Plays.
Warburton's Divine Legation.
West on the Resurrection.
Works of the Learned. 13 Vols.
Ward's Arithmetick.
Wright's Ditto.
Weston's Short Hand.
Winter Evenings Entertainments.
One Set of Viner's Abridgment.
Many Copies of the old Abridgment of Virginia Laws, containing many useful Precedents,. Price 5 s.
There are may Sets not advertised, which want so many Volumes as to make those on Hand unvaluable. It is hoped that common Honesty will persuade those who have them to return them by the Day of Sale. As also many complete Sets, which appear to be lent out; They may be known by my Father's Arms. The Crest a Greyhound's Head, the Motto. per varias Cafus.
About seven Hundred Ounces of FASHIONABLE Plate.
A neat COACH, almost new, with Harness for six Horses.
A CHARIOT, quite sound, and in good Repair.
About two Hundred Weight of HOPS of last Crop.
About four hundred Weight of extraordinary good WOOL, with a Variety of Woolen and Linen Wheels, Reels &c.
The beautiful Hose RANTER, or his Colt, full blooded, rising three years, and better than fifteen hands high, which ever the Purchasers please; also some young horses and Mares.
A Number of GARDEN FLOWER POTS, of different Sizes.
Some ORANGE, LEMON, and other EVERGREENS, in Boxes and Pots.