The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, April 27, 1769. Number 155. Page 3, Column 1

FREDERICKSBURG, March 14, 1769.

THE subscriber takes this opportunity of informing the public, that he carries on the Taylor's trade in Fredericksburg, next door to Mr. Benjamin Johnston's, (known by the name of Long Ordinary) in all its various branches; viz. making Gentlemen's dress and undress suits, Hussar cloaks, roccoloes, half and full circles, Ladies riding suits, &c. all which shall be done in the newest and best fashion; and as he has had recourse to some of the best shops in Europe, and long experience in that vocation, both at home and in North-America, he hopes for encouragement, as he intends to make it his chief study to merit the approbation of such Gentlemen as are pleased to favour him with their custom; who may depend on having their commands strictly obeyed with the greatest care and dispatch, by their most humble servant,