The Virginia Gazette

May 26, 1768. Number 107. Page 3, Column 2

I take this opportunity to return my thanks to those who have been so very obliging as to encourage my lottery, an to inform them it will be drawn on the 9th of June next, the time last proposed, I should take it kind of the adventurers would send their tickets by their acquaintances that come to the Fredericksburg Fair, that the fortunate may receive their prizes, and those that have not paid for their tickets, are requested to pay before the drawing.

I have a few tickets yet on hand, which I would gladly dispose of, as it is my desire to turn their value into commodities more suitable to the economy of the present times.

Tickets to be had of Mrs. Rathell in Williamsburg, at the small price of 10s. each.


Fredericksburg, May 16, 1768.