The Virginia Gazette

October 24, 1771. Number 1056. Page 3, Column 1, No. 2

FREDERICKSBURG, September 28, 1771.

RUN away from the Subscriber, this Morning, an indented Servant named ANDREW NUGENT, a Native of Ireland, and a House Joiner by Trace; he speaks quick, is about five Feet nine Inches high, round shouldered, wears his Hair short and slovenly, very distinctly pitted with the Smallpox, has a Scar on his Forehead representing the Letter Y, and a downy Beard. He lately sprained one of his wrists, which is yet larger than the other, and was also bit by a Dog in one of his legs, the Scars of which probably now appear. He was indifferently clothed, having sold most of what he had for Liquor, and abused those remaining in Drunkenness, a Vice he is much addicted to, but what he had was a Gentleman's cast off superfine brown Cloth Coat, bound, with a white Lining and yellow Basket Buttons, a Damascus Waistcoat, brown Linen Trousers, and a twilled Milk and Cider coloured Country Cloth Coat, which he stole. Whoever will secure him in any Jail, and advise me of it, shall have FORTY SHILLINGS Reward, besides what the Law allows. If he is taken out of the Country I will give FIVE POUNDS, besides what the Law allows, upon his Delivery to me.


N.B. I understand he was at Todd's Bridge about the 5th Instant, inquiring the Way to Newcastle, where he said he was going on some Business of Mr. Mercer's, his late Master.