The Virginia Gazette

September 23, 1773. Number 1156. Page 3, Column 2

RUN away from Fredericksburg, a NEGRO MAN, named Caesar, belonging to the Estate of Mr. Philip Sowerby, deceased. He is a well made Fellow, about five Feet nine or ten Inches high, pitted with the Smallpox, and of a yellowish Cast, formerly belonged to Mr. Peter Marye, is a notorious Runaway, and has often been outlawed. I am informed he lately committed a Robbery in Essex, and was pursued and taken in Middlesex, but made his Escape from the Constable. He has now been about six Months gone, and I hear has been often in Custody, but always contrived to get at Liberty. Whoever apprehends the said Negro, and delivers him to me at Fredericksburg, shall receive THREE POUNDS Reward, and reasonable travelling Expenses, according to the Distance he is brought.