The Virginia Gazette

April 23, 1767. Number 831. Page 3, Column 2


A TRACT of 3000 acres of LAND, in the county of ALBERMARLE, on the three forks of Pretty's creek, on which is a great deal of very valuable low ground, and as much cleared (with houses and proper improvements) as is sufficient for fifteen working hands. The plantations thereon produce very good crops of tobacco and corn, and fine stocks of cattle and hogs; the price is 900. Also a tract of 1500 acres of good land, on the Hedgemen river, in Culpeper county, running three miles on the river and affords a good deal of low ground, both high and low ground very good; the price is 500. Also a valuable tract of 400 acres, in Culpeper county, very rich and level, where Col. Gabriel Jones lately lived, having several valuable houses and improvements thereon, now in the tenure of Mr. Lawrence Slaughter, and about 30 miles distant from Fredericksburg; the price is 300. Also my tavern at Culpeper court-house, in Fairfax town, being a large new commodious house, with convenient out-houses, stable, garden, and all proper improvements, and has vast custom, vending 500 pounds worth of liquors original cost in a year, the rent of which is worth 60. a year; the price is 500. Any person inclinable to purchase either of the above tracts of land, or tavern, will fine either of them a good bargain, and worth their while to apply to me, at Fredericksburg.


N.B. The lots and houses in the tenure of Mr. James Hume, in the most pleasant situation on the main street in Fredericksburg (before advertised by me) are still to be sold, or let for a term of years, on very reasonable conditions, in order to satisfy some debts I am liable for as security for the said James Hume.

R. D.