The Virginia Gazette

September 22, 1768. Number 124. Page 3, Column 4

FREDERICKSBURG, August 29, 1768.

Run away from the subscribers, on Saturday the 27th Instant, at night, two white, and one Mulatto convict servants. One of the white servants is named George Eaton, born in London, and imported last February, in the Neptune, Capt. Arbuckles. He is by trade a cabinet-maker, about 5 feet 3 or 4 inches high, 20 years of age, of a fair complexion, wears his own hair, which is short and fair, and sometimes wears a false curl, which a stranger would not know from his hair, being exactly of a colour. He has several marks on his left arm, letters being set in with gun-powder. He carried off with him an old mixed broad-cloth coat and waistcoat, of a chocolate colour; the coat has a velvet cape with mohair basket buttons, a pair of old buckskin, and a pair of old Nankeen breeches, a sailor's blue dufhl jacket, lined with white plaid, an old castor hat, 3 white and oznabrigs shirts, 2 pair of oznabrigs trowsers, 2 pair of yarn and a pair of old thread stockings, one pair of old shoes(new soaled) with yellow buckles. As he has been on board some of his Majesty's ships, he very likely will endeavour to get on board of some vessel as a sailor.

The other named Charles Davis, a short squat fellow, about the height of Eaton, and about 18 or 20 years of age. He is of a fair complexion, with short curled hair, has a large scar or cut on his head, whereon the hair does not grow. He carried off with him sundry cloaths, among them a suit of Russia drab, of a lightish colour, a blue jacket with metal buttons, several oznabrigs and white linen shirts, an old castor and an old gold laced hat, 2 pair of boots, 2 pair of spurs, one of them silver, together with a saddle and bridle.

The Mulatto fellow is named Jack, was born in the West-Indies, and imported in the Justitia in 1764 from London. He is about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, about 25 years of age, his hair or wool almost like a Negro's and his eyes large and weak, and stammers in his speech; he carried with him and might have on when he went away, a Monmouth cap, a brown linen shirt and trowsers, a red jacket with sleeves, or a white or a green on, without sleeves, a pair of sagathy or Russia drill breeches, and country made shoes; he likewise carried with him a horse, betwixt a bay and a chesnut colour, hanging mane and tail, long backed, and we believe not branded, paces chiefly; is about 14 hands high, and about 8 or 9 years old. This fellow formerly belonged to John Briggs, deceased. Who ever takes up the said servants, and conveys them to the subscribers, shall have THREE POUNDS reward for Eaton and Davis, and reasonable charges; FORTY SHILLINGS for the Mulatto fellow, and TWENTY SHILLINGS for the horse.


Davis is well known in most places on Rappahannock, having attended Mr. Porter as a waiting man, for upwards of 2 years. The three servants above-mentioned, were seen to pass by Todd's Ordinary, in Caroline, early last Sunday morning, and are expected to have gone towards James river, or Norfolk, All masters of vessels are desired, if they should offer themselves, to stop them.