The Virginia Gazette

October 22, 1772. Number 1108. Page 4, Column 1

To be SOLD, pursuant to the last Will and Testament of Mr. William Brooke, deceased, Eight Hundred and forty Acres of LAND in the County of Orange. The said Land is distant about sixty Miles from Fredericksburg, is well weeded and watered, and the Soil good for Corn, Wheat, Tobacco, Hemp and Flax, and affords as good Range for Stocks of all Kinds as any Land in that County; and may be had at the low Price of one Hundred and sixty Pounds ready Money, or one Hundred and sixty eight Pounds twelve Months Credit, on Bond with approved Security. Any Person inclinable to purchase may be shown the Land by applying to Major Zachariah Burnley, who lives in the Neighbourhood thereof, and who will contract for