The Virginia Gazette

October 22, 1772. Number 1108. Page 2, Column 2

FREDERICKSBURG, October 18, 1772.

The Sale of Mr. ROGER DIXON's Estate, formerly advertised to be on the 21st of September, being prevented, no Monday the 9th of November (if fair, otherwise next fair Day) will be sold to the highest Bidders, on the Premises, a TRACT of LAND lying on Pretty's Creek, in Albemarle, containing two Thousand Acres, together with STOCK of all Sorts, CORN, FODDER, and PLANTATION UTENSILS. And on Monday following, the 16th, at Culpeper Courthouse, two improved LOTS in the Town of Fairfax, and about forty six Acres of LAND adjoining; also one Thousand five Hundred Acres on the Hedgman River; two Hundred Acres known by the Name of Roebuck's; and three Hundred Acres, with valuable Improvements, called Jones's, in the said County of Culpeper; and four Hundred Acres in Orange, called Beckett's. There are also two other Tracts, one at Cave's Ford, of five Hundred Acres, and the other on the Robinson, of four Hundred. The Time and Place of Sale of which will be make known at the first Sale.
And on Tuesday the 15th of December will be sold, at Fredericksburg, the LAND, HOUSES, FERRY, and MILL, with sundry LOTS, vacant and improved; also a Tract of LAND three miles distance, called Chalky Level. The Widow's Dower will be given up, and Credit allowed till the 15th of December, 1773, on Bond, with approved Security, for the mortgaged Part of the Premises, being given to Robert Pleasants and Thomas Bates, Attornies for the Mortgagees, who will attend the Sales to give Acquittances, and for the Remainder to
JOHN DIXON, Administrator.
**Who purposes to sell at Fredericksburg, at the same Time, all the HORSES, CATTLE, and SHEEP, together with CORN, FODDER, and PLANTATION UTENSILS; also all Kinds of HOUSEHOLD SLAVES; for all which Credit will be allowed until the first of May.

N.B. Five per Cent. Discount will be allowed for ready Money, and all Bonds not duly paid are to carry Interest from the Date.