The Virginia Gazette

April 22, 1773. Number 1134. Page 3, Column 1

Just imported from London, in the William, Captain Livingsten, a large Assortment of MEDICINES of the Freshest and best Qualilties, which I propose selling, by Wholesale or Retail, at the lowest Rates, for Cash, and to keep a medicinal Store opposite Fredericksburg lower Warehouses, such as Bateman's, Walker's, and Norris's Drops, Jackson's and Greenough's Tincture, Squire's, Daffey's, and Stoughton's Elixirs, Anderson's, Hooper's, and Lockyer's Pills, Godfrey's Cordial, British Oil, James's Powders, Turlington's Balsam, Beaum de Vie, Balsam of Honey, Hungary and Lavender Waters, &c. &c. Also MEDICINE CHESTS, with full Directions, extremely useful to Families living distant from the assistance of Physicians.