The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, August 21, 1746. Number 525. Page 4, Column 1.

Ran away from the Subscribers on the 31st of July last, Three Servants, viz.

Daniel M'craw, a Scots-Highlander, of a short Stature, speaks broken English, about 5 Feet 2 Inches high, of a swarthy Complexion, with short curl'd hair: Had on when he went away, a coarse Bear-skin Coat, with Brass Buttons, a Pair of brown Linen Trowsers and Shirt. He belonged to Mr. Charles Dick, in Fredericksburg.

John Ross, a Scots-Highland Boy, about 16 Years of Age, of a ruddy Complextion, full-fac'd, speaks broken English, and has his Hair cut: He carried with him an Oznabrig Shirt, a pair of Oznabrig Trowsers and Breeches, a tartan waistcoat without sleeves, lin'd with green Shalloon, a brown Holland and a white Linen ditto, a silk Handkerchief, a felt Hat, and a Leather hunting cap. He belonged to Mr. John Mitchell, in Fredericksburg.

Thomas Haily, an Irishman; about 36 Years of Age, of a fair Complexion, about 5 Feet 8 Inches high; had on when he went away, a dark-colour'd Broad Cloath Coat, double-breasted with Metal Buttons, a pair of Trowsers, an Oznabrig Shirt, a white Linen ditto, and a fine Beaver Hat. He belonged to Doctor William Lynn, in Fredericksburg.

Whoever apprehends the said Servants and brings them to their Masters aforesaid, shall receive a Pistole Reward for each, besides what the Law allows. Witness our Hands this 21st Day of July, 1746.

Charles Dick
William Lynn
John Mitchell