The Virginia Gazette

October 1, 1772. Number 1105. Page 2, Column 3

FREDERICKSBURG, September 12, 1772.

RUN away from the Subscriber, the 11th Instant, JOHN OSBORN, a Convict imported in the Brickdale, Captain Wood. He is about five Feet seven Inches high, of a pale Complexion, strong made, had on a dirty Flannel Jacket and Drawers, a Check Shirt, a Pair of Shoes tied with Strings, and a round Hat bound with Osnabrugs. He passes for a Runaway Sailor, is artful, and of few Words. All Masters of Vessels are desired not to employ him, or to harbour him; and whoever delivers him to shall have FORTY SHILLINGS Reward, if taken within forty Miles, and if at a greater Distance THREE POUNDS.