The Virginia Gazette

August 1, 1751. Number 31. Page 3, Column 2.

Fredericksburg, July 24, 1751

Ran away from the Subscriber, last Night, a Convict Servant Man, named Edward Sutton, of a middle Age and Stature, stoops forward in his Walk: He is bald Headed, and pretty smooth Faced, but somewhat sun-burnt; he may pretend to be a Sailor, having been on Board a Man of War; speaks plain English, and his Voice is strong: Took with him, a very fine old Fustian Coat, two brown Linen Shirts, Oznabrig Trowsers, a Pair of brown Kersey Breeches, light grey Worsted Stockings, English-made shoes, and an old, narrow brim'd, fine Hat.

Whoever will take up and secure him, so that I may have him again, shall have Two Pistoles Reward, besides what the Law allows.

Robert Jackson.

N.B. If any Person can inform me which Way he's gone, so that he may be pursued, I shall esteem it a great Favour.

R. Jackson