The Virginia Gazette

March 19, 1772. Number 1077. Page 3, Column 2, No. 2


RUN away from the Subscriber, in Fredericksburg, on Sunday the 8th Instant (March) JOHN COCKIL, and English Convict servant, by Trade a Barber, about twenty five Yeare of Age, five Feet eight or nine Inches high, has been between four and five Years in the Country, of a fair Complexion, fresh coloured, very talkative, and ready of Speech, wears short curled Hair, and had on, when he went away, a dark blue French Frock Coat and Waistcoat, with Mohair Buttons, black Stocking Breeches, white Cotton or light Worsted Stockings, a new Newmarket great Coat of a mixed dark brown Colour, with high topped yellow Buttons, and commonly wears a red and white Handkerchief round his Neck, with a hunting Song round the Borders of it; he carried away a light brown Coat, pretty much worn and mended, and very greasy about the arms and Breast; he went away in company with one Frank Martin (a Freeman) a very tall well made Person, on Horseback with a Negro Waiting Boy, the Colour of the Horses unknown.