The Virginia Gazette

July 19, 1754. Number 184. Page 4, Column 2, No. 4

To be SOLD,

NINETEEN hundred Acres of Land, in Spotsylvania County, on which there is a new Brick House with five Rooms on a Floor, all Out-houses necessary for a Family, a Water Grist Mill, and four other Plantations with Orchards, &c and Ground and Tobacco-houses, all inclosed sufficient for Thirty Hands; the land being within 15 Miles of Fredericksburg. Any Person inclinable to purchase, may be informed to the Terms by applying to the Subscriber, living on the Premises. Also Twenty choice Slaves, and sundry Household Furniture, will be exposed to Sale, to the highest Bidder, on Thursday the 3d Day of October next. Credit will be allow'd until the first-Day of June following, the Purchaser giving Bond and Security, as usual.

N.B. The Sale to be on the Premises, and to be continued until all are sold. The Land to be sold at any Time, or on the Day of Sale above-mentioned.