The Virginia Gazette

March 17, 1768. Number 97. Page 3, Column 3, No. 1

Fredericksburg, March 9, 1768.

THE partnership of Isaac Heslop, and company, being dissolved, all persons who have any demands against them, are desired to apply to Isaac Heslop for payment; and those who are indebted to the said partnership, are requested to come and settle their accounts with him, to whom all the debts are now assigned.

ISAAC HESLOP, and Company.

Fredericksburg, March 9, 1768.

I INTEND to leave this colony soon, for a few months; therefore desire that all persons indebted to me, will be speedy in making payment. It is expected that those who cannot fully discharge, will settle, and give bond for their balances. The business will be carried on as usual in my absence.