The Virginia Gazette

January 17, 1771. Number 245. Page 2, Column 3

FREDERICKSBURG, January 8, 1771.

COMMITTED to the gaol of Spotsylvania county, a Negro man, who says his name is CHARLES, and when asked what county he belongs to says, Fullar, and cannot speak other English to be understood; he is about 5 feet 6 inches high, appears to be about 18 years old, has on a cotton jacket and breeches, and an oznabrig shirt, has been in gaol two moths, according to law, since which he was delivered to the constable, who gave a receipt to convey him to the next constable, to be conveyed to the public gaol, what has failed so to do, or otherwise acted in such a manner that the Negro has returned to me within these few days. The owner is desired to take him away, and pay charges to