The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, February 16, 1769. Number 145. Page 3, Column 1

Run away from the subscriber, on Friday the 27th of January last, near Fredericksburg, in the county of Spotsylvania, Edward Daniel, alias James McDonald; he is a blacksmith by trade, and by birth an Irishman; he is about 50 years of age, between 5 feet 6 and 9 inches high, and has lost several of his fore teeth; he had on and took with him a blue frock, green jacket, leather breeches, sundry white, check, and brown linen shirts; a new felt hat, brown wig, and a thick woollen cap; he was convicted for robbing on the highway, and was just imported in the Justitia, Capt. Somervill. Whoever delivers the said servant to me, shall receive five pounds, besides reasonable expences if brought any considerable distance, or forty shillings if committed to any gaol (of which public notice is requested) so that I get him again, which shall be paid to the gaoler when he is taken out of the goal. As he was convicted some years ago, and made his escape, it is probable he will endeavour to get on board some ship, therefore all masters of ships, &c are requested to have him secured, if he should be found on board of any vessel under their command.