The Virginia Gazette

November 15, 1770. Number 236. Page 4, Column 2

FOR SALE, The pleasant and healthy SEAT NEWPORT PAGNELL,

CONTAINING one thousand and fifty acres of LAND, lying in Spotsylvania county, within 20 miles of Fredericksburg, on which is a new commodious DWELLING-HOUSE, 34 by 24, with all necessary OUT-HOUSES, and not more than 200 acres of the land cleared; thereon is a MEADOW within 150 yards of the dwelling-house, that has been lately ditched and cleared, and with a little trouble may be made very valuable. Even the meanest parts of the land produce good WHEAT, and above 450 acres now uncleared, with proper cultivation, would produce good TOBACCO, CORN, or WHEAT. It affords a remarkable fine convenient SPRING, and the most and best TIMBER of any piece of land within many miles of it. Any person inclined to purchase, may know the terms by applying to the subscriber living on the premises.