The Virginia Gazette

March 15, 1770. Supplement Number 201. Page 4, Column 2

NORFOLK, Jan. 3, 1770.

RUN away from the subscriber, the 13th of November last, a Negro fellow named BRISTOL, about 5 feet 8 inches high, very black, thick lipped, has lost some of his fore teeth, marked with the small-pox, and speaks good English, some French and Spanish. He was seen last month at Richmond, calling himself Tom, passing for a freeman, and may go out of the country as such. Any person who will secure him, so that I can get him, shall be paid Forty Shillings more than the law allows; and all masters of vessels are forewarned from carrying him out of the country, as he may impose on them by saying he is free.


N.B. He hath been taken twice, and broke goal in Richmond and Fredericksburg; if taken again the gaoler is desired to iron him well.