The Virginia Gazette

July 14, 1768. Number 114. Page 3, Column 2

Fredericksburg, July 6, 1768 A SCHEME of a LOTTERY, for raising Four Hundred and Fifty Pounds, to be laid out by the managers or any six of them towards building a new church in the town of Fredericksburg, and in the purchase of an organ for the said church.
1 Prize of .500 is .500
2 250 each 500
4 100 400
8 50 400
8 25 200
10 10 100
180 5 900
213 Prizes 3000
2787 Blanks

3000 Tickets, at 20s each = 3000

15 out of the 100, to be deducted from the prizes, is = 450.

The said Lottery will certainly be drawn on the 28th of December next, (being the day after St. John's) at the town-house in Fredericksburg, under the direction of Mann Page, Fielding Lewis, Charles dick, Roger Dixon, Joseph Jones, Hugh Mercer, James Mercer, Charles Washington, Lewis Willis, George Weedon, Charles Yates, and Francis Thornton, Gentlemen, or any six or more who can attend. Tickets may be had of the said Gentlemen, if bespoke in time. Prizes not demanded within six months after their publication in the Virginia Gazette, will be deemed as generously given to promote the above purposes, and will then be applied accordingly by the managers aforenamed.