The Virginia Gazette

April 14, 1768. Number 101 Supplement. Page 2, Column 3

A SCHEME of a LOTTERY for disposing of sundry LANDS and SLAVES, CATTLE and HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to the subscriber.

Prize Val To. Contents of the Prizes
1 of 500 500 A PIECE of LAND in Spotsylvania, near the centre of the county, containing, by estimation, 360 acres; whereon is upwards of 500 in buildings, mostly new, for which I, about 7 years ago, refused 750. A remarkable place for a public house, the court, when removed from Fredericksburg, was usually held, and where, in all likelihood, if ever finally removed, would be placed; several fine-young orchards, apple, peach and cherry.
2 of 55 110 A Negro man Sam, about 40 years old, cost me 50 about six months ago. A lot and houses in Fairfax town, Culpeper county, sold for 45 cash 7 years ago, for which I gave 68.16.8 about one year ago.
1 of 50 50 A piece of land on Mattapony river, supposed to contain one hundred acrs, cost me 50 a few months ago.
2 of 45 90 A Negro man Africk, about 30 years old, has one bandy knee, a trusty healthy fellow. A Negro girl, Nan, about 12 years old; I paid 33 cash for her about two year ago, a fine girl, raised in the house, and very handy.
20 of 5 100 Twenty lots of cattle to be valued after drawing.
20 of 5 100 Valuable houshold furniture, chiefly new.

46 Prizes 950
144 Blanks
190 Tickets at 5 = 950.

The drawing to be at the Long Ordinary in Fredericksburg, on Wednesday the 26th of October next. The managers will be inserted in the next, and of whom tickets may be had.

The lands may be entered on immediately after drawing, and the other particulars delivered up. No imposition can be suggested, the whole being rated greatly below their real value. The reason of my falling on this method, is (I assure the public) to pay my debts, and prevent imposition; and that too prevailing custom falling on me, which has on many in this colony, i.e. selling estates by execution at half value. As this I affirm is the motive, I hope it will meet with applause and encouragement. Such who will oblige me in forwarding it, shall assuredly meet with the unfeigned thanks of

Their most obedient humble servant,