The Virginia Gazette

Thursday, July 13, 1769. Number 166. Page 3, Column 1, No. 1

To be SOLD to the highest bider, on the first Monday in August, at Fredericksburg, before the Long Ordinary door,

A VALUABLE TRACT of level land, containing 500 acres, at the lower end of Spotsylvania county, on Mattapony river: There is a large plantation and all convenient houses for cropping: a very fine young apple orchard of choice fruit, just beginning to bear, and a large young peach orchard; it is within two miles of three grist and boulting mills, and a saw mill, and a very good range for stock adjoining it. There is on it an exceeding fine spring, and some meadow ground, is very convenient to church, and within 15 miles of Fredericksburg. Any person inclinable to purchase, may come and see the land, and, if they choose, may agree for it by private sale.